e-Membership Card

Information on the e-Membership Card

The arrival of the long awaited electronic card is here.  There will now be three options to handle the issuing of membership cards.  They are the electronic card, paper, or a combination of both.  The electronic card has changed the way we have issued cards.  The first step in requesting this format is to follow this link:


Once you have clicked on the link you will be asked some basic questions and then how many electronic cards you would like.  Remember to be diligent with this request if you plan to use the paper version as well or you can make the decision to go all with electronic cards.  Although, you might want to be careful with that, ensure your population is fully capable of accepting this version.  Once your request has been approved by the California State PTA, you will receive three attachments to the designated email sent.  It will come with an easy to follow instruction sheet on how to process your cards.

The paper version is still available and can be requested through the Council.  Just send an email request to membership@sdcoucilpta.org.  We can send membership cards by school mail, so please use the school address on where to send them and how many you need.

For any questions, you can contact Eric Gonzales, Membership Chair for San Diego Unified Council of PTAs by email at membership@sdcouncilpta.org

Visit the SDUCPTA’s Membership Home page for additional tips and information