Helpful Links – Officer Handbooks
California’s Education System is Changing Fast.
Learn How It Really Works, So You Can Make a Difference. It’s Free.
…and you could win $1,000 for your school’s PTA!

For Presidents:

2015-2016 Presidents Handbook
2015-2016 manuel del presidente
National PTA – President’s Quick Reference Guide
Election Time Already?
Rosters Are Important
Fillable Roster Form
California State PTA – Running your PTA made easy

For Secretaries:
2015-2016 Secretary’s Handbook
2015-2016 manuel del secretario
PTA Minutes — Your Legal Records

For Treasurers:
2015-2016 Treasurer’s Handbook
2015-2016 manuel del tesorero
National PTA – Finance Quick Reference Guide
Treasurer’s Tips
Notas para tesorero
Electronic Tax Filing Step by Step

For Auditors:
2015-2016 Auditor Handbook|
2015-2016 manual del auditor

For Membership:
2015-2016 Membership Handbook
2015-2016 Manual de Membresía
National PTA – Membership Quick Reference Guide
We also have a whole page devoted to membership.

For Newsletters:
Newsletter Training

For Programs:
101 Program Ideas
Organize a family movie night
National PTA – Programs Quick Reference Guide

Information you absolutely need to know about raffles and opportunity drawings!!

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