Our goal is to ensure that individual units have the training, tools and tips that help them run a successful PTA.  Click here for upcoming training opportunities.

Presidents and Board Members –
Has Your PTA Completed These Tasks?

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  • New Exec Board Roster – If we at Council PTA have not already received the Executive Board Roster for your unit this new year, then the new president should send in the roster. We would like a complete board roster, but the most important names and addresses that the council needs to keep on file are those of the President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Also, things change, including boards.  Anytime you have a change in your board roster, please contact us.
  • Year end audit – The fiscal year end for most PTAs is June 30 and the audit should be completed by the outgoing (2014-15) Unit Auditor. Audits should be completed as soon as possible during the summer months to allow for the incoming treasurer to get started with the 2015-2016 records. If you need any help with the audit please contact us. When your audit is complete, please send a copy to us.
  • Annual Financial Report –The Treasurer is responsible for completing the Annual Financial Report. This report is available in your PTA Toolkit or use this link to download the form.  When your annual financial report is complete, please send a copy to us.
  • Check Signing Authority – You must visit your bank during the summer to complete new bank authorization signature cards based on your incoming board. Check your Bylaws, Article VI Section 6 (f) to determine who can and cannot sign checks. You must have two signatures on all checks.
  •  Budget – During the summer months, the incoming president should plan to meet with the new treasurer and Budget Committee to develop a proposed budget for the year. When your budget is complete, please send a copy to us.
  • Unit PTA Website – Update your PTA website current school year information.

If at any time you have any questions regarding your school’s PTA, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
That’s what we’re here for!

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