New PTA Dues Structure

Click here for the new fillable Unit Remittance Form

Have Questions?

Contact our Membership Chairperson, Eric Gonzales at

Having trouble printing your membership cards?

If you are experiencing difficulty printing your information onto the membership cards follow this link to the California State PTA Membership page and download the template.

Send your Membership Roster with your Unit Remittance

Please use this template to send your unit membership roster to Council.  Contact us if you have any questions.

Did you know…

Anyone who believes in children can join PTA.

Ask all the school staff and parents.
A PTSA invites students to join the PTA.
But students can join a PTA.
Any family member can join the PTA, like grandparents, aunts and uncles.
Ask other individuals in the community.
When new students join your school, have a PTA packet to give to the parents.
Everyone who joins your PTA is entitled to a membership card.

Did you know…

The PTA association/membership is the only group with authority to:

  • Elect the nominating committee
  • Elect officers
  • Approve/ratify all PTA expenditures
  • Approve all contracts for PTA programs, events and projects
  • Adopt the budget
  • Adopt the audit reports
  • Authorize an individual to represent the PTA
  • Authorize a position to be taken on an issue after a study
  • Elect convention delegates

Did you know…

The officers and chairmen of a PTA have the responsibility to plan the PTA meetings and programs and to oversee the operations of the organization. PTA leaders should utilize the standard job descriptions and tools provided in the Toolkit as well as updated information as provided by the California State PTA and the National PTA.

The San Diego Unified Council of PTAs would like all of our association to increase their membership by 5% over last year.

It is very important to let the people know what your PTA has done for the students at your school. Tell them what you want to do for the STUDENTS at your school next year.

Don’t forget…

Send early bird membership to San Diego Unified Council of PTAs by October 15, and you will receive a certificate of recognition from California State PTA. Required membership is due November 1st, as membership in PTA expires October 31st. Membership should be sent in on a monthly basis after November 1.

The Membership section of the Toolkit has wonderful information on how to get members, get them involved and keep them.

Membership Tips

Membership Drive Checklist

Membership Ideas and Tips

Membership Booklet – Survival Guide

National PTA – Membership Quick Reference Guide



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