Unit PTAs

List of PTA Units supported by SDUCPTA

(Click on school name to visit school website and obtain contact information)

Alcott PTA – Alcott PTA Facebook Page
Balboa PTA – Formed October 16, 2015!!!

Baker PTA
Barnard PTA
Bay Park PTA – Bay Park PTA Facebook Page
Benchley-Weinberger – Benchley-Weinberger PTA Facebook Page
Birney PTA – Birney PTA Facebook Page
Boone PTA
Burbank Elementary PTA
Cabrillo PTA
Cadman PTA – Cadman PTA Facebook Page
Carver PTA
Challenger Middle PTSA
Cherokee Point PTA
Chesterton PTA –  Chesterton PTA Facebook Page
Chollas/Mead PTA
Clairemont High PTSA
Clay PTA – Clay PTA Facbook Page
Cubberley PTA – Cubberly PTA Facebook Page
Curie PTA – Curie Elementary PTA Facebook Page
Doyle PTA – Doyle Elementary PTA Facebook Page
Ericson PTA
Farb Middle PTSA
Fay PTA – Organized on December 17, 2015

Field PTA
Fletcher PTA
Florence PTA
Foster PTA
Franklin PTA – Franklin PTA Facebook Page
Gage PTA – Gage Elementary PTA Facebook Page
Green PTA – Green Elementary Facebook Page
Grant PTA
Hage PTA – Hage Elementary PTA Facebook Page
Hardy PTA – Hardy Elementary PTA Facebook Page
Hawthorne PTA
Hoover High PTA
Hearst PTA – Hearst Elementary PTA Facebook Page
Holmes PTA – Holmes Elemntary PTA Facebook Page
Jefferson PTA
Jones PTA – Jones Elementary PTA Facebook Page
Kearny High PTSA
La Jolla High PTA
Lafayette PTA
Language Academy PTSA – Language Academy PTSA Facebook Page
Lindbergh-Schweitzer PTA – Lindbergh-Schweitzer PTA Facebook Page
Madison High PTSA
Marshall Middle PTSA
Marston Middle PTSA – Martson Middle PTSA Facebook Page
Mason PTA – Mason Elementary PTA Facebook Page
Miller PTA – Miller PTA Facebook Page
Morse High PTSA
Normal Heights PTA
Oak Park PTA
Ocean Beach PTA
Paradise Hills PTA
Penn PTA
Perry PTA
Preuss School UCSD PTA
Roosevelt IB PTSA – Roosevelt IB PTSA Facebook Page
Rowan PTARowan PTA Facebook Page
Salk PTA
Jonas Salk PTA Facebook Page
Sandburg PTA
San Diego HS PTSA
Sequoia PTA
Sherman Academy PTA
Spreckels PTA – Spreckels PTA Facebook Page
Standley Middle PTSA
Taft Middle High PTA
Toler PTA – Toler PTA Facebook Page
University City High PTSA – University City High PTSA Facebook Page
Wangenheim Middle PTSA – Wangenheim Middle PTSA Facebook Page
Webster PTA
Wegeforth PTA – Wegeforth Facebook Page
Whitman PTA – Whitman PTA Facebook Page

Do any of these need to be updated?
If so, click HERE to contact us.

For information on organizing a PTA at your school contact us
or Ninth District PTA
representing San Diego and Imperial Counties.

Click HERE to learn more about starting a PTA.

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