Here we are in June and the Council and most of our PTAs are coming to the end of the fiscal year.  That means that new boards will start to get to work on all of the great things PTA does.  This is my last president letter of the term.  I have really enjoyed my two  years working with all of our PTAs and I look forward to continue the work as council Parliamentarian next year.  Though she really needs no introduction, I would like to welcome Celeste Bobryk-Ozaki as 2015-2017 SDUCPTA President.  Celeste has been the Legislative VP for council for the last two years as well as the lead on the Smart From The Start Energy Balance program.   I know that she will be a great leader for San Diego Unified and I look forward to our next two years.

It is LCAP update time in San Diego Unified.   The new LCAP draft should be published any day now.  Keep looking to  for the latest.  I encourage you to talk with your principal, your teachers, and your children about what is going well at your school and what needs improvement.  Please inform your parents about this opportunity so that each school can be its best.  The Local Control Funding formula will fail without parent input.  If you have any school funding or budget questions, please contact the Council.

Compliance Reminders.
May 1 was a big due date for PTA units.   Please make sure you have submitted the following to council.  If you are in need of assistance for any of these items, please let us know.

  • Historian Reports are due to council.
  • 2015/2016 Board rosters are due. If you use PTA EZ for your roster, please let us know that as well.  If you have not yet turned in your roster, a letter will be going out to you as well as the school principal outlining the fact that if you do not have a board by the end of the fiscal year, your PTA will cease to have an executive board and cannot do business.  The PTA Council r District will need to assist with your election meeting in the new fiscal year.
  • Dues increase will begin July 1. There will be a $0.75 increase for membership after the end of June.  The dues increase was adopted at the state convention last year.  This should be considered when you are planning your 2015/2016 budgets.  We will update our remittance forms and be available to help during the transition.

Call us now if you are in need of help.

Thank you,
Derby Pattengill
619 322-1416



We are looking for a few good people to help round out the council this year.  If interested, please contact the council office at or call 619 297-7821

VP of Programs- Council programs include: Reflections, President’s and Principal’s Breakfast, Honorary Service Awards, Founders Day and National Parent Involvement Day.   Do you like to plan and coordinate events and programs?  This job is perfect for you.



You just got elected to a PTA board. What is the first thing you should do? Read your PTA unit bylaws. Your bylaws are specific to your PTA.  You’ll find out important information such as:

When are your association meetings?

What are the duties of my position?

Who can sign checks?

How much money can your PTA spend for unbudgeted items in between association meetings?

Also, notice the date of your bylaws. Bylaws should be updated at least every three years. If your bylaws are older than 2012, volunteer to be on the Bylaws Committee to get them updated.



Wondering what to do with your PTA membership over the summer? Come march with us Sat July 18! Join one of the largest child advocacy organizations at an unforgettable community event–San Diego Pride Parade.

You’ll march with librarians, administrators, teachers, San Diego Unified’s Superintendent, and when PTA shows up, it’s officially a party.
Come be an upstander, invite your new board members and start your term on a solid footing.
Contact for an optional planning meetup, and to receive the contingent number (our place in the lineup) to join the parade once it’s available.


Following elections, your executive board-elect can begin program planning for the 2015-2016 year (you do not have to wait until July 1 to meet.)
Once your programs and goals have been determined, the Budget Committee meets. The  Budget Committee is typically comprised of 3-5 members with the treasurer serving as the committee’s chair.. The responsibilities of the budget committee include financial planning to meet the program goals of the PTA and preparing a budget.
A few items to include in your budget:
* PTA Insurance – amount to be determined. Recommendation is to budget $225 based on prior years history.
* Council Assessment of $50.00 – this assessment allows the Council PTA to provide services, support, training, etc. for the Unit PTAs
* Funds for attendance to Council PTA’s annual Founders Day Meeting and dinner.
* Funds for attendance to California State PTA Convention
If you need any help, please contact us at



At the May 2014 California State PTA convention, delegates adopted a motion to increase the state portion of the dues by 75¢ per member. Effective July 1, 2015, membership remittance to San Diego Unified Council of PTAs is $5.75 per capita.

On July 1 every unit PTA strikes the dues proviso printed or handwritten in their bylaws; and inserts $2.00 on the California State PTA dues line. There are three options for implementing the dues increase:

  • Units can increase the amount collected from members by $.75 on July 1 without submitting bylaws through channels.
  • Units can absorb the increase and remit the $.75 increase per member from the amount they currently collect from members. Members should be advised of this intent. No bylaws submittal through channels is required.
  • Via a bylaws submittal through channels, units can increase their dues portion in addition to the $.75 state PTA increase. Submit bylaws for review through channels. Until the association adopts the proposed bylaws change, the “unit increase” should not be collected. 
Be sure to remit all current memberships to San Diego Unified Council of PTAs by June 30th to meet the July 1 increase. Remittance must be received in the Council PTA office by June 30th.