Why PTA Unit Presidents should attend General Meetings for SDUCPTA?

From one President to Another – why I need you to come to our General Meetings

by:  Celeste Bobryk-Ozaki, President of SDUCPTA

Like PTA Units, the San Diego Unified Council of PTAs is required to hold our Association Meetings which we call General Meetings.  These are held five times throughout the year typically on the 4th Monday of the Month starting in September of the fiscal year and every other month after that.  The voting body for these general meetings are the Unit PTA Presidents and it is their duty to attend these meetings and if they can’t attend, then the PTA Unit President can appoint another board member to represent the unit.  The quorum number needed  for SDCUTA’s general meeting to qualify as a meeting to count is 33 with 26 schools represented (as there are close to 80 units in our “association”).   Making quorum for any PTA can be a challenge and we understand that we are asking our PTA Unit Presidents to volunteer a few hours of their time to come to these meetings.  I like many before me, try to make that time count by setting an agenda to conduct the necessary business and to share information that Unit Presidents can take home.

As the Council is staffed by the board members that are volunteers, we use the General Meetings as an opportunity for Unit Presidents to pick up materials such as marketing materials, awards, or other informational materials from PTA channels or flyers of upcoming events.  Unit Presidents are encouraged to come early as they will have an opportunity to get one-on-one help if needed or get some business done such as remitting membership dues, turning in copies of tax filings, etc.

Representative of Pick Up Stix sharing information about their various programs.

So what did you miss if you were not able to come to our most recent general meeting held on March 22, 2016?

We had food provided by Pick Up Stix followed by a presentation on the various programs that schools and their PTAs can take advantage of – including dine-out fundraisers (not only at their restaurant but also at special events held at school), school lunch box program, and certificate of excellence that awards the student a free kids meal.  We also heard about the The Think-a-Bit lab from Ed Hidalgo, Director of
Government Affairs at Qualcomm.

Ed Hidalgo, Dir of Government Affairs presenting on Qualcomm’s Thank-a-Bit Lab


Meeting attendees taking part in a role-play on how to conduct an election.

My personal favorite moment of what happened at the meeting was the original “play” written up by Derby Pattengill, Parliamentarian for SDUCPTA and Executive VP for Ninth District PTA to help demonstrate how to hold an election for a PTA unit electing their next slate of officers.  It was engaging, interesting, entertaining, but very informative at the same time.  if you would like a copy of the “play” you can download it here.

Lastly we ended the evening with a free opportunity drawing for those that came to the meeting and stayed to the end.  As always, we do provide free babysitting at the site along with an interpreter for our Spanish-speaking volunteers.   I like those before me do try to make the meetings interesting, worth the time for the PTA Unit President to attend but to also ensure the SDUCPTA can continue to meet its mission to provide leadership training and support to local PTA Leaders in schools of the SDUSD.   I look forward to seeing you at our last General Meeting/Annual Founders Day Celebration. for the 2015-2016 fiscal year on May 23, 2016.  This is not our usual general meeting as at this event we will celebrate 119 years of PTA legacy and recognize significant accomplishments of our local PTA Units. We also recognize significant contributions made by a person or organization through the Honorary Service Award Program.  We’ll also be selling raffle tickets as a fundraiser for attendees for a chance to win various prizes such as tickets to various museums in Balboa Park.  Visit our Founders Day event page for more information.  I hope to see you there!

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