Online Bullying Reporting Form Goes Live at San Diego Unified

district logoIn response to requests for students, parents, teachers and administrators to have an online mechanism to report bullying (anonymously, if necessary), the Online Bullying Reporting Form has finally gone live. It is located on the front page of . Look to the bottom right. It is also available on every school website. The form was developed with the co-operation of Youth Advocacy, Student Services, Office of Secondary Schools, Sexual Health Education Program, School Police, Office of Quality Assurance, Communications, LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee and others.

The new online form features:

  • A description for parents and students of the school district’s anti bullying and intimidation policy
  • A simplified bullying complaint process
  • A definition of bullying
  • A list of legal rights students have in schools
  • An LGBTQ+ support page with important information and links.

Once a form is submitted, it routes to the school principal and to the Office of Youth Advocacy for action. Reports of bullying are investigated and documented by the site principal or designee.

The form is not currently available in Spanish, but it may be translated with Google Translate which is located at the top of the district and school websites.

Bullying reporting forms are still available at school sites and at the Quality Assurance office. The Quality Assurance office is located at 4100 Normal Street Annex 10, 92103 and is open Monday through Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm.

Do you have any questions? More information is available if you contact the SDUCPTA, the Office of Youth Advocacy or the Quality Assurance Office.

Youth Advocacy
R. Vernon Moore
Executive Director

Quality Assurance Office
619 725-7211

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