Ruth Johnson Award

If you knew Ruth Johnson, many things might come to mind – lifetime PTA member, leader, mentor and advocate for children. But if you just spent an hour in her company you would know what Ruth cared about most of all – Programs.  Ruth always had a list of great ideas for programs that engaged students and parents.  During the 80s, she started and ran a before-and-afterschool PTA program for students at Cadman Elementary. Ruth loved Reflections, the PTA Arts Program which celebrates student creativity in the arts.

Sadly, we don’t have Ruth around to remind us of the importance of programs but we do have the Ruth Johnson Memorial Program Award. Programs can benefit parents, students, or both at the same time. A good program can get parents thinking about ongoing education of their children or make them advocates of change.
So what program do you have at your school that makes you proud? It can be small or large, it can involve parents, students or both. It can happen during school or after school or even at home. Submit your program and you may be a recipient of an award this year of $100 to help continue your program or start a new one.
Program requirements:
  • Serves all students
  • Innovative and creative
  • Managed or funded by PTA
  • There’s a role for parents to be engaged (i.e. movie night, school event, etc.)
  • Promoted at a time convenient to families
  How to apply for the $100 Ruth Johnson Memorial Program Award:
Download the flyer here,  deadline May 16, 2016

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