Five Go-To Education Websites Recommended by Ed100


When you really want to learn more
Ed100 is where you go for answers to your questions about how education really works. For those who want more, we have put together a comprehensive list of suggested sites, resources and blogs in Lesson 10.5.

Here are five sites Ed100 finds particularly useful and reliable, and descriptions of what Ed100 likes about them. (Use your cursor to click on the name to take your browser to the website)

1. EdSource
The latest California education news, commentaries, and information about topics such as testing, standards, and student well being. Noteworthy: The Educators Network for Effective School Discipline features articles and resources about school discipline practices.

2. EdDatax
Facts and figures about test scores, student demographics and school finance at the state, district and school level. Noteworthy: A new feature allows you to compare schools, based on your choice of criteria.

3. Great Schools
greatschoolsReviews of schools written by parents and teachers, advice and tools to select the best school, blogs written by experts as well as parents on learning issues, parenting, academics and more. Noteworthy: A Common Core guide for each state helps explain your child’s test score results and offers ways you can help your child succeed in each subject area.

4. California State PTA
captawebsitephotoInformation about education legislation, PTA programs and resources for local PTA leaders, and explanations of major issues including assessment, arts education, students with special needs and more, all written for parents. Noteworthy: A guide to the Local Control and Accountability Plan and Local Control Funding Formula explains how parents can get involved in guiding their schools.

5. Education Next
educationnextwebsitephotoNational coverage of education policy and politics, in-depth information about a wide variety of topics and an online quarterly journal. Noteworthy: The 2015 NextEd poll on school reform shows public opinion on subjects such as teacher unions, testing, school choice and Common Core.

Happy surfing!

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