PTA testimony helps turn around onerous IRS rule

California State PTA is pleased to report that testimony submitted by both California State and National PTAs helped head off a proposed Internal Revenue Service rule that would have chilled donations and memberships, not only to PTAs, but also to all regulated nonprofits across the nation.

The proposed Internal Revenue Service rule would have required all PTAs who receive donations to gather Social Security numbers or other tax-identification numbers from all donors. Upon hearing of this proposal, California and National PTA submitted detailed testimony to the IRS outlining concerns about the many ramifications of such a requirement including identity-theft concerns, excessive paperwork burdens and overall donation impacts.

After a flood of 38,000 comments — mostly in opposition — to the rule, including those of California State and National PTA, the IRS has recinded the proposal.

The state and national PTA offices stand ready to advocate for the needs of members and volunteers on all fronts, and this is just one recent example of these unique services, which are funded through your generous membership dues and donations. For more information on these services, please visit

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