Learn about the Cool the Earth and what they do for kids

Climate Change Begins at Home

 By on Jan 1, 2016

Cool the Earth provides climate education to schools around the country

Two polar bears and a villain named Mister or Missus Carbon walk into a school assembly . . . no, this isn’t a setup for a joke . . . it’s a play

Cool the Earth lo go

CULLEN: “Cool The Earth is a nonprofit that teaches kids about climate change and solutions to climate change and then we empower kids to go back and start getting their parents engaged in taking climate action.”

That’s Carleen Cullen, executive director of Cool The Earth, which provides climate education to participating schools.

The play, a fable of melting icebergs, educates kindergartners to eighth graders about climate change. Then they head home with “action coupon books,” which include ways their families can reduce carbon pollution – from changing light bulbs to not wasting food.

A Stanford University study found that families in the program made more climate conscious decisions. Kids are persuasive – have you ever heard one in the grocery store candy aisle?

CULLEN: “When you have kids who are seven and eight years old, coming and talking to their parents about climate change, and also about saying ‘gosh could we not turn on the heat tonight and instead just put on sweaters,’ parents do respond.”

Cullen says many families do care about climate change, they just don’t know how to express it.

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media/Leah Menzer.
Photos source: Cool the Earth Earth website 

visit Yale Climate Connections for the original article and listenn to an audio clip


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