President’s Message – January 2016

January marks the transition where we go out with the old and enter a new year and with that comes changes.  Only my own life saw major changes back in November 2015 where I’ve officially re-entered the workforce.  It wasn’t easy, I’ve spent the better half of my adult life training and working in the Life Science industry only to be taken out between allergies and cataracts.  It was a painful process to accept the reality that the life I thought I would build myself into was not meant to be but I am grateful for the experience.  Landing the job was a blessing as my household could not survive much longer on a single income despite the love and support of my partner and best friend, my darling husband and father to my three children.  Being an advocate for children doesn’t come with much of a salary and I’ve known for a long time that the only person that can make a change, was me.  So with a little bit of luck and perhaps some charm, I’ve managed to get a job in an entirely different industry and I’ll still to be able to fulfill my position as the President for the SDUCPTA that I take with great pride and humility.

For my fellow Unit Presidents, January does mark the countdown where the change of leadership does begin for the board.  For most units, an association meeting is to be held where primarily the goal is to elect the Nominating Committee of which the Unit President cannot be a member of (hey it’s one less thing you have to do!).  And if the stars and planets are lined up right, a PTA unit would complete it’s mid-year audit, the board approves the recommendation to have it adopted, and the association adopts the audit report.

In the next five months there will be a lot of activity in the PTA world.  California State PTA’s Spotlight Award and Scholarships for Graduating High School Seniors applications are due February 1.  Now is the time to start thinking about participating in Honorary Service Awards to recognize the volunteers that make significant contributions to your school and/or community.  Learn about what is happening in Education in California by attending the California State PTA’s Legislation Conference (registration is now open).  I have gone to California State PTA’s Legislation Conference for the past three years and while it is a massive amount of information to take in, it has been where I get first glimpses into what to expect in terms of funding for Education and where state of education is going.  The California State PTA Annual Convention is coming to San Diego on May 4 – May 7 and this is a fantastic opportunity for experienced and emerging PTA leaders to get training on various aspects of running a PTA as well as other topics of interest in the world of PTA, visit and meet with exhibitors, and view the wonderful artwork of the Reflections program.

January is marking to be a fairly busy month for the Council.  We have the Winter Workshop 2016, I’ll be representing the SDUCPTA at the Town Hall Meeting – Investing in California’s Future Part IIand the SDUCPTA”s January General Meeting will be on Monday, January 25, 2016.

Speaking of training, you don’t want to miss out on the Winter Workshop 2016 happening this Saturday, January 16, 2016 being organized by the Leadership Team of San Diego Unified Council of PTAs.   The Winter Workshop is open to all local PTA Leaders seeking to get ideas on Running Successful PTA programs, how to develop a Website, Financial Literacy, Leadership essentials, and more.   The cost is $15 per unit and is open for all board members, childcare is being provided, Spanish translation is available, and there will be breakfast (sponsored by California Coast), lunch, and attendees have a chance to win some prizes!

So while change can be hard and challenging, but it can be so rewarding and lead to further growth.  I’m truly am looking forward to what the rest of 2016 has to offer as I can only anticipate more changes and adventures to come.

Here’s to a New Year and I look forward to seeing you either at the Winter Workshop and/or the upcoming General Meeting!

Celeste L. Bobryk-Ozak
San Diego Unified Council of PTAs

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