PTA Representation Needed at San Diego Paris Climate Talks Solidarity March – December 12th‏‏

Call to action!!!

Help get the word out to your students and families. The San Diego chapter of is organizing a local March to coincide with this year’s Paris Climate Talks.  The enthusiasm and participation around the world this past week has been phenomenal, let’s keep the momentum going and show the world that San Diego is a leader in the fight for responsible climate action.  Students, you are the future and your voices are needed the most.  Numbers speak volumes when tracking the importance of climate action, your presence does make a difference.  Click HERE for more information and to RSVP.  Click HERE to check out amazing photos of marches that took place across the world last weekend.  Our turn is coming on December 12th!  Let’s create a REAL turning point, when the world decides to keep fossil fuels in the ground and commit to transition to 100% renewable energy!

Hope to see you there and please spread the word – this event is for everyone!  Please email Tama Becker-Verano if you have any questions.

WHEN:            Saturday, December, 12 @ 12pm
WHERE:         Balboa Park. Meet at 6th & Laurel (we’ll march to the Fleet Center Fountain)


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