Public Education Investment Model

Recently the San Diego Board of Education and Superintendent Cindy Marten approved an advocacy plan to address the issue of funding for education.  Often times in advocacy efforts to our local legislators and representatives when advocates for education carries the message that education needs more funding, legislators turns the table on the advocates and asks, “how much?”  There isn’t a simple answer to this question and the SDUSD has come up with information and resources that can help answer that question.

For more information about these resources as well as information on future Town Hall meetings, visit

At the Town Hall Meeting on November 4 at the Eugene Brucker Education Center (district’s Central Office), Superintendent Cindy Marten gave a presentation on the key initiatives for the District.  There was also a presentation given by John Gray, President of the School Services of California on the historical perspective on Public Education Funding in California.  He also shared some enlightening statistics on states at the top of funding per student vs student performance as compared to states at the low-end of funding per student, which includes California.

In short, Superintendent Cindy Marten presented information that if funding was “adequate” in terms meeting what it takes (not what is ideal) to provide successful education for our students in SDUSD, there is a $350M gap in funding.  School Board Member Richard Barrera made a point in saying the he does not think school foundations/PTAs should be raising monies to fill that gap.  To hear more about what was covered at the Town Hall meeting, visit the district’s website.

The best that we can do as citizens and as advocates for children is to share this information with the public.  Speaking to legislators is great, but they’ll be listening to what the majority from their constituents are saying.  Advocacy is in numbers, so the more that sends the same message, the stronger and louder it will be heard.  You can help by sharing the information and resources that is available off of the SDUSD’s website!

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