Letter from the President…


It is July, Summer is in full swing, and I just celebrated the 239th Birthday of our country with my family.  July also marks the beginning of my term as the President of San Diego Unified Council of PTAs.  I want to take the time to briefly introduce myself and to welcome new and returning PTA leaders.

My name is Celeste Bobryk-Ozaki and I am a mother of three children that attend schools in San Diego Unified School District.  I have a degree in Biochemistry and a Master’s in Business Administration and had worked in the Life Science industry for nearly a decade before deciding to be a stay-at-home parent (only I’m never home).

I hate cleaning but I do love to cook, dance (from Jazz, Tap, and even Bellydancing), listen to music (Classic rock to Techno), and long ago I played the flute (that’s right, former band nerd).

My other passion in life is being basically a full-time child advocate through the work that I do with PTA.  I started out like most PTA leaders where I joined a local PTA unit back when my oldest was going to the Early Childhood program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing at Lafayette.  I participated in a fundraiser here and there, and it was not until when my youngest got a little older (he is almost six) did I step in and was elected as President for Walt Whitman Elementary PTA.

Since then, I’ve worked hard at revitalizing Whitman PTA while at the same time got involved with the true core of being a PTA member and that is advocating for children, not just for mine, but for all children.  I can honestly say that while the motivator behind my advocacy skills is from being a parent but I have learned to fine tune these skills in order to have the most impact through my involvement in PTA.

While child advocacy is at the core of PTA, I have also utilized the variety of programs and resources that PTA has to offer.  That’s why I want to share that San Diego Unified Council of PTAs has IDEAS – Inspiration, Diversity, Engagement, Advocacy, and Sustainability.

We want to be able to inspire new and returning PTA leaders through a variety of programs PTA has to offer from School SMARTS to Reflections.  I am proud to say that the board for Council is comprised of members with diverse backgrounds as all diversity should be celebrated.

Parent Engagement is one of the most cost effective ways to attain student achievement and we at Council are here to help in any way that we can.  SDUCPTA is a recognized partner of SDUSD and has had representatives serve on the LCAP team, Calendar Committee, and have gone to Sacramento, California to advocate for children locally and across the state.

Lastly, we are here to demonstrate sustainability, we will continue to provide leadership training but at the same time are looking for ways to continue to engage with our leaders with the issues that are facing our children such as Climate Change.

I am sincerely grateful for the leadership of Derby Pattengill and I want to continue his work by expanding on the partnerships he helped make with the district and other groups and I look forward to being the President for the next two years.

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