At the May 2014 California State PTA convention, delegates adopted a motion to increase the state portion of the dues by 75¢ per member. Effective July 1, 2015, membership remittance to San Diego Unified Council of PTAs is $5.75 per capita.

On July 1 every unit PTA strikes the dues proviso printed or handwritten in their bylaws; and inserts $2.00 on the California State PTA dues line. There are three options for implementing the dues increase:

  • Units can increase the amount collected from members by $.75 on July 1 without submitting bylaws through channels.
  • Units can absorb the increase and remit the $.75 increase per member from the amount they currently collect from members. Members should be advised of this intent. No bylaws submittal through channels is required.
  • Via a bylaws submittal through channels, units can increase their dues portion in addition to the $.75 state PTA increase. Submit bylaws for review through channels. Until the association adopts the proposed bylaws change, the “unit increase” should not be collected. 
Be sure to remit all current memberships to San Diego Unified Council of PTAs by June 30th to meet the July 1 increase. Remittance must be received in the Council PTA office by June 30th.

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