A HUGE congratulations goes out to Ninth District PTA for earning the the Jan Harp Domene Award and becoming nationally recognized leaders in ensuring today’s PTA include all of us!

The Ninth District PTA (which San Diego Unified Council of PTAs is extremely proud to be a part of) received the following letter…

The National PTA is pleased to inform you that the application for California Ninth District PTA  has been selected to receive the Jan Harp Domene Award. This award recognizes PTAs that best demonstrate exemplary work in the area of diversity and inclusion and their commitment and dedication to outreach to all families. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement!

 National PTA’s tagline “everychild.onevoice” becomes more powerful and meaningful through the efforts of all PTAs to be universally welcoming and inclusive. Again, congratulations on your accomplishment and I look forward to seeing you on this special occasion.

Elida Perez Knapp | National Urban Family Engagement Representative

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