PTA volunteer hours were due on May 1st to: sducpta@yahoo.com

  • Please estimate your hours July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015


Don’t forget to count:

  • hours volunteers spend on campus by looking at sign-in sheets;
  • hours in PTA meetings;
  • drive time to and from PTA activities;
  • hours spent on email and phone! Yes! Communication is vital to an effective PTA!

If you have a volunteer appreciation event for your unit, go ahead and calculate the dollar value of the donated hours and present it at your gathering.
The little bit of time and effort put into this report helps PTA in so many ways!
Maybe you’ve seen the presentation of a mock check, which reflects all the hours donated to the school district on behalf of Every Child. We comply with our pubic mandate for support when we have a metric like volunteer hours, demonstrating that support for PTA comes from the grassroots. We have accurate data to apply for grants, and probably most of all, volunteers have a more clear perception of their enormous value to the child advocacy of PTA.
The amount of the checks is staggering, as is the value of volunteer participation.
Bottom line: please forward your best estimate of volunteer hours!
$26.87 is the value calculated for a volunteer hour in California, reflecting a 2% increase from 2013–we beat New York by .01!  It’s published by the Independent Sector, latest value from March, 2015.

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