LCAP UPDATE- Recap of December Presentation…

We are in the second year of a three year cycle regarding the Local Control Accountability Plan.  The Accountability plan explains how the school district is implementing the Local Control Funding Formula.  Simply put is is how are they spending the money, why are they spending the money and what results are the results of spending that money.  Each month, Superintendent Marten provides an LCAP Implementation Report that includes the alignment of Vision 2020, the 12 Quality Indicators, and supporting Year 1 LCAP actions, services, and baseline data.  Following the Superintendent’s LCAP Implementation Report each month, cluster and advisory groups have the opportunity to engage in dialogue on the report, and provide input and feedback on current implementation and suggested next steps.

This is a great opportunity for our PTA members to reflect and consider:

1.         What is working?

2.         What is needed?

3.         What do you see as the next step(s)?

Please talk to your members about these issues and let us at council know how you feel.  The Local Control Funding Formula puts the on us on us at the school sites to make sure we are spending all of this uncategorized money in a responsible manner that effectively benefits our children at school.

To read more about the December presentation, click HERE.

For a recap on the November presentation, click HERE.

For a recap on the October presentation, click HERE.

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