COUNCIL WANT ADS… Looking for a Few Good Men & Women…

We are looking for a few good people to help round out the council this year.  If interested, please contact the council office.

Council Auditor-  Audits the books and financial records of the council and present a report semi annually to the executive board and council association. The auditor is also responsible for verifying that all necessary report forms required by the California State PTA for insurance, tax returns and other forms required by state and federal government agencies have been completed and filed by the due date.

Hospitality Chair- Do you like to pan parties and gatherings?  The hospitality chair may help plan our general meetings, unit trainings and Founders Day Celebration.

Community Concerns Chair- The community concerns committee deals with a variety of concerns within the home, school and community that affect children and their families. These concerns include issues like child exploitation, foster and homeless youth, military families, the achievement gap, and mental health.

Membership Chair- Have you been a membership chair at your unit and really knocked it out of the park?  This is your chance to pass on your expertise to other units in the council.

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