An Increase is Proposed for Education!

On January 9, 2015. Governor Jerry Brown released his 2015-2016 proposed budget.

K-12 education and community college districts are to receive an increase in funding.  This is attributed in part to an improving economy and Proposition 30.

Increase in funding is also due to the fact that K-12 education and community college districts are receiving “repayments” after years of cuts as mandated by Proposition 98.  Prop 98 states that these entities get first priority after years of poor economy (University of California and California State University systems are not funded by Prop 98).

School districts will also expect to see an increase in funding through the Local Control Funding Formula.  According to the proposed budget, the K-12 education and community colleges will see an increase of $18.4 billion which equates to approximately $2600 per student above the 2011-2012 levels for K-12 students.

Funding for education is not quite out of the woods as the funding is expected to decrease once the short term tax increase ends in 2016 and taxes on the state’s wealthiest residents (ending in 2018) come to an end from Prop 30.

In the coming weeks, various organizations will be analyzing the proposed 2015-2016 budget and giving their thoughts.

You can review the proposed budget HERE.

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